Staging of the Agriculture Shows’ in Belize can be traced as far back as 1937.  The show was first held in Belize City on the 2nd and 3rd April 1937.  The record states that the show for the colony was a disappointing one both in quantity and quality of the exhibits.  The record also mentions that the show was indeed a country wide affair and had the participation of the Home Industries.

1947 -   A successful Agricultural Show was organized in the Stann Creek District under the stewardship of the Agricultural Instructor.  The show included agricultural, industrial and horticultural exhibition.   The objective was to demonstrate what can be grown and made locally.

1962 -   In October of 1962 yet another successful District Agriculture Show was held in Cayo organized by the District Agriculture Officer.  This proved the beginning of a series of District shows which eventually developed into the National Agriculture Show.

1970 – The First National Agriculture Show was held on November 14th and 15th at the National Agriculture Showground’s, Belmopan, Cayo.  Official Opening of the Show was done by the Hon. Fred Hopkins Hunter, Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Cooperatives.  In declaring the show open he pointed out the importance of the show " today’s National Agricultural Show will go down in history as forceful expression of one of our National aspirations that is the greatest importance of Agriculture in our Belizean Economy”.  He stressed the need for agricultural production must increase and be more efficient.    In closing he urged every farmer and farm supporting agency in Belize to keep abreast of technological advances in their particular enterprise which will increase their production and efficiency.

The event was a success as it had the participation of all districts and was well attended with over 10,000 visitors over the two days.

The major highlights of the show included:

Judging of Crops and Livestock displays

  • Judging of Commercial and Industrial display booths
  • Tractor operation contest
  • Coconut husking contest
  • Aerial spraying display
  • Selection of Miss Agriculture
  • Musical Entertainment by local musicians/groups
  • Horse riding
  • Honoring of Farmer of Year
  • Rodeo
  • Dog Show
  • Canoe Race
  • Motocross Show

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