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The 2007 projects currently under implementation are the following:“ Institutional Strengthening for Co-operative Approaches for SME’s to Reduce Rural Poverty” Co-op Dept/BRDP

This project will facilitate four major components of skills and capacity development for co-operative staff and co-operative members Assist co-operatives and key associations in the preparation of their business plans Provide training for co-operative leaders and co-operative members

Training for rural areas with the objective of reducing poverty.

Capital Two Funded Projects

Equip the Training and Promotion Unit with basic training equipment

Fund SME co-operative micro projects from 0 – 500bz dollars for urban areas

Provide for the Revision of the Co-operative Act Chapter 313 of the Laws of Belize

Co-operatives Department Situational Analysis Exercise

It is a project funded by the Food Organization Administration with the objective of strengthening the Department of Co-operatives and the co-operative sector.

An Entrepreneurial Development Project, Co-op Dept/Peace Corps

This project will assist four co-operatives in the Northern Region of the country with
Entrepreneurial Development Skills and Business Plan Development.

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Belize