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Overall Purpose of Unit:To ensure the development of the productive sector, focusing on cooperatives as micro or medium enterprises within the socio-economic development plan of Belize Functions:Assist in strengthening the marketing capacities of export cooperatives Assist cooperatives in their developmental needs
Coordinate activities with marketing and promotion services, utilizing existing services from supporting organizations such as BELTRAIDE, Bze. Business Bureau, Belize Marketing and Development Corporation, Technical Taiwan Mission to Belize, BCC&I and IICA. Improve or develop skills and programs to involve women, youths and children into Cooperatives and co-operatives activities from primary school
Identify, enact and promote enabling policies, legislation, financing, marketing and other support services that are deemed essential for micro-enterprise development Test, adapt and promote innovative yet cost effective technologies for production and processing to increase income, employment and productive assets Identify domestic and international markets for cooperatives Promote, develop and support market-driven, economically viable and ecologically sound micro-enterprises Promote, develop and support entrepreneurial skills of youths and women in the cooperative sector Promote partnerships with regional and international cooperatives Promote entrepreneurial and business minded principles and practices such as thrift, economies of scale, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and synergy to cooperatives Promote diversification, crop rotation, and value-adding within the cooperative society

liaise with other government departments to develop programs for development

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Belize